Connecting Dots

Litigation Support

LCG has decades of experience in assisting both internal and outside counsel in matters of employee misconduct. Areas include, but are not limited to: proper/limited and effective preservation; drafting forensic protocols that govern analysis of devices; technical support in the drafting of supporting documentation for Temporary Injunction hearings, etc.


With LCG as a partner, we will be involved in the very beginning stages of investigation, pre-litigation and will assist your company in the investigation and recovery of critical business information.

Causes of Action

Our efforts have resulted in successful outcomes for clients dealing with various types of employee and executive misconduct, trade secret misappropriation, copyright and patent infringement, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigations, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations, anti-trust issues, cyber breaches, maritime incidents, tax fraud and other financial crimes. We have worked with and opposed numerous federal agencies in the process. Many of these matters have required advanced analysis for deletion and attempted cover-up activity.