Connecting Dots

Policy Review

LCG can assist in the review, updating or drafting of effective polices as they relate to issued technology resources (email, network, cloud, mobile devices, tablets) as well as all issued computers and should include employees (FT/PT), contractors, vendors and/or anyone who uses or has access to your company technology resources.

Although computer use policies do not stop misconduct associated with the use of electronic devices, they do have some deterrent effect and serve as “corporate law” by defining unacceptable, and equally as important to define – acceptable use of technology resources and provide for corrective action if/when violations are identified. 

Guiding Documents

Types of guiding documents that LCG can assist with.

Computer Use Policies
Technology Resource Policies
Employee Handbooks (RE: Technology)
Operational Guidelines
Standard Operating Procedures
Employee Onboarding
Incident Response Plans
Employee Offboarding

Policy Audit/Review

Computer use policies are part of the framework of protective measures required (functionally and legally) to protect your confidential information. We have observed clients struggle in litigation due to inadequate policies and as noted above, perceived failure to protect information and failure to identify information as confidential/proprietary.