Connecting Dots


Sound electronic (and physical) evidence collection and preservation is the very foundation for any action and must be entirely defensible in civil/criminal, state/federal courts. Accordingly, LCG has leveraged our decades of criminal and civil litigation experience and has developed strict evidence handling protocols, have designed custom evidence management systems and created comprehensive forensic imaging SOP.

These measures, while they may seem extreme to some, ensure that any evidence collected by LCG or electronic media preserved by LCG is done so according to industry best practices, is verifiable, repeatable and defensible.

Defensible Preservation

For the past 15 years LCG has played a pivotal role in some of the largest physical and/or electronic evidence collection and handling incidents in the United States. Our experience includes many decades of experience in the successfully defended collection of innumerable pieces of digital and physical evidence and include notable incidents such as:

Where It Counts

When risk demands action, LCG will be the first option every time. 

Transocean oil rig explosion/oil spill (2010) – LCG was solely responsible for collection and electronic preservation of all digital media (computers, external media, cellular phones, blackberry devices, PDA, file servers, email, etc.), resulting in the collection and preservation of 14 Petabytes (1,400 Terabytes) of data.


Plains All American/Refugio Pipeline spill (2015) - LCG was solely responsible for collection and electronic preservation of all digital media and electronic data sources (computers, cellular phones, email, network shares, external storage, etc.)


Kansas City Police Department Evidence Warehouse Fire (2018) – LCG was solely responsible for developing and executing an evidence handling, decontamination and relocation protocol for the largest police department in Missouri. This resulted in the collection, secure transport and relocation of nearly 1 million pieces of criminal evidence that underwent numerous successful court challenges by defense counsel.