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LCG is composed of highly specialized professionals known by top law firms and corporations for our unparalleled high-tech investigative abilities and complex problem solving.

Risk Mitigation

Since 2008, LCG has provided risk management, investigations, digital forensics and support solutions to hundreds of corporations and law firms throughout the US, of which many have multinational operations and facilities.  

Digital Forensics

We handle all facets of Forensic Analysis. Basically, if it stores information we can forensically retrieve, preserve, and analyze it.


LCG has recovered and preserved digital evidence for all matter types in the US and abroad including major catastrophic commercial incidents.

Incident Response / Vulnerability Assessments

Our incident response team conducts rapid and meticulous investigations of your digital environment to identify the cause, source, extent, and next steps after an incident.  Our team will also assess your risk profile for vulnerabilities. 

Evidence/Process Auditing

Extensive evidence audits in both civil and criminal matters globally, validating both digital/physical evidence & records.

Policy Review

LCG can conduct a review/audit of guiding documentation and related processes to verify that your company is properly and appropriately protected.


Our team has decades of experience  in the highest levels of criminal and civil investigations, including internal inquiries ranging from simple malfeasance to major systemic fraud. 

Professional Litigation Support

Our experts have been tried and tested, ensuring you have the experience you need.

All of our investigations are conducted as if they will be litigated. Meaning, it is our goal to find all available facts (best evidence) to ensure our Clients achieve the best possible outcome given their unique circumstances. Winning your case in Court requires an experienced team of problem solvers, strategists and experts. Our team has proven success managing complex investigations and discovery issues, with thousands of hours of experience including testimony in state and federal civil/criminal courtrooms to back it up.


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So Why Choose LCG?

Our Clients hire us because we provide honest advice, excellent customer service, and winning solutions based on experience. The best way to find out how we can help you is to contact us.